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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Regarding FC exemption and EOL...Reply to Miss/Mr Anonymous

Miss/Mr Anonymous:- Hello, I cleared CSE 2012 prelims and have 400+ rank in CSE 2011. I suppose I would get exemption from FC, but when it comes to the regular training, will I be able to avail EOL to prepare for CSE? If not, will I be able to stay with my family, because I have a young kid to take care of. Thanks for any input.

Manmauji:- Hello Miss/Mr Anonymous, thanks for your visit on the blog and congrats for your grand success in CSE-2011 and CSE-2012[Pre]....You rightly said that you will get exemption from FC as you have cleared CSE-2012 Pre...Regarding depends on the service you belongs to...If you get IRS[IT] or IRS[C&CE], you have the option to apply for other services you may not get this option..Still you can take leave in between for the preparation...Regarding your family members, you can stay with your family members during training but you need to take accommodation outside the some academies, family quarters are available where you can stay with your family members...further query is welcome..keep on Blogging..  


Gayathri said...

Hi, Thank you very much for your response. I am provisionally allotted IDAS. I may be upgraded to IA&AS. Is there a provision in either service to take EOL? If not, how much leave can I get for interview preparation? Also, I would be very much indebted to you if you could let me know whether family accommodation is possible for training (not FC) for IAS, IPS or IFS. Thanks again, Gayathri.

Anonymous said...

hello sir ... i have been selected in cse2011 and will be joining irs(c & ce) training from dec2012. however my mains didnt go that well this year and i was considering extraordinary leave... i wanted to ask u that if i do join training in december , will i get enough time to give next year's prelims and mains , if needed ? also is there any possibility of about a month leave around mains 2013 while being on training?

Anonymous said...

hello sir, i have been selected in cse 2012. i might get irs c & ce. i am yet to be alloted my service as i was declared temporarily unfit on account of pregnancy at the time of medical check up. now i am waiting for the service allocation after having completed my medical re-examination. sir, my query is whether i can avail accommodation at the training institute for my family as i have a five month old baby to take care of. or is there any other option i can avail.