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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Regarding IAS Vs IPS post 6th Pay commission

Miss/Mr Anonymous:- Sir after sixth pay recommendations, IAS has a definite advantage wrt other services in promotions/career growth.
Does such difference exist between IPS and other group A services as well.
What is the difference wrt IPS vs IAS in this issue ?

Manmauji:- Hello Miss/Mr Anonymous, thanks for your visit on the blog...Regarding your query,you rightly said that after 6th pay commission recommendation, IAS has definite advantage as compared to other services including IPS in promotions/career growth. The promotions in IAS is faster relative to any other services hence pay packages also. Regarding growth, definitely IAS has always been ahead from other services including is said that IAS never retires from service. They have huge scope even after retirement in UPSC,Election Commission,CAG,TRAI,etc etc but other services do have options to grow..after some time, it is the individual potential which matters....further query is welcome..keep on blogging..

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