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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Mr Arvind Kejriwal...A half baked potato...or....An Item girl type Politician..or...Confused....or...Too ambitious

Hello All....You all must have seen the turbulence on Delhi roads in this week...I was a bit disturbed too after watching some of the clips on television screen....When AAP performed well in Delhi assembly election, I was quite happy from with in that it is a victory of Indian democracy and her people. I wished that AAP will act like a mirror for other conventional political party and will be a paradigm shift in the over all functioning of Indian Polity. When Mr A. Kejriwal was sworn in as CM of Delhi, I was exuberant and hopeful that People of Delhi will see a model of good, transparent and corruption free government. When Mr Kejriwal delivered a speech in assembly on confidence vote motion, Whole country clapped for him and his simplicity..We all think that now time has come for the Indian democracy where things will be dealt from different perspective and people will sense the change on the ground.
       But, after 20 days, I am in a dilemma...What is going on??...Is the new wine in old bottle??...I am perturbed by the chaos and seer ignorance, inexperience, egotism, populist, media savvy approach of these new incumbents. I do believe that CM should be given some time for the actual implementation of their agenda. But from the beginning, I am seeing a different approach...AAP government seems to be in hurry. Though they are new and inexperienced but there is no iota of evidence which shows that they are ready to listen and learn....They have strong prejudice towards their own approach and heavy bias towards other political parties. They seems too over ambitious may be on wrong calculation of public mood. Mr Kejriwal, this country is too vast and too complicated. People of India are not fool.."ye public sab jaanti hai" ........Politics is governed by perception...You must sense the mood of the public and start serious should be away from media for some time and sit for strict implementation of your policies...Stay away from media gimmick....There is nothing wrong in becoming too ambitious...but you must prove first and win the heart of the people...In that case, you will not require any media publicity...people and media will automatically praise you.
      On the other hand, AAP and her leadership seems a half baked potato....When country got freedom, the leaders were fully baked after struggling for more than 100 years...but AAP leaders are the outcome of just few days Andolan..I think this is the reason behind their poor perception of reality and hollow-ness of their political ideas, behavior,etc...I am surprised when CM is using abusive language and calling himself as an Anarchist....I was shocked when he is calling Police wallahs to join AAP...Where is he going?? He promised Delhi to provide a different style of governance...AAP claims that they are different breed altogether...What is the difference when they take the course of subsidy to decrease the bill, when they ask illegal suspension of police man, when they are saving their law minister, when they are not stopping Mr Kumar Biswas to stop using foul language.....I am surprised when he sits at Dharna for suspension of Police man and ask for political control of the police force in the light that he himself strongly advocate for the freedom of police and CBI from political influence...there seems half baked potato everywhere..AAP is confused from the beginning....I think they got too many numbers beyond their expectation and now they got power and naturally Power corrupts....
 I wish that AAP should take immediate corrective measures. They should do something to stop being termed as an Item girl of Indian Politics...God has given a golden opportunity to AAP to create a role model and example for good,transparent and corruption free governance. AAP must seize this opportunity and start performing..then only People of Delhi and People of India will bestow their trust and love on AAP...keep on blogging...

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Wish you all a very happy new year,2014

Hello all, I warmly extend my best wishes to all my dear readers on the eve of New Year,2014....I hope that the coming year will bring cheers, health and all success in your life....I suggest all of you that in the coming year, make a promise that you will invest some time to your health by going to gym,out door activities, games, trekking, mountaineering,etc.... this will improve your health...Once again, wish you all a very happy New Year,2014.....Keep on blogging...

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Mr Arvind Kejriwal became CM of Delhi....Rise of AAP

Hello all...It is a historic day for the Indian democracy...It is the beauty of Indian democracy that a political party which is less then one year old has won 28 seats in a tough battle and its mentor became CM of Delhi...I think he is the fastest CM of  any state not only in India but in whole of the world....This experimental project in NCR will definitely shake the legs of established political parties in Indian political arena. Many people seems to be critical of the success of the AAP...they are sceptical about the success of these people as they don't have any experience of governance...I think this scepticism is miss placed..At the time of Independence , British people and many in out country were having same fear that Indian nation will not survive for long but we all are witness today, country is growing every day and today by swearing in ceremony of AAP further strengthen the belief in Indian democracy...I am sure that AAP will be a torch bearer and will establish high standard in public life...though the path of governance of AAP will not be very easy but that is the beauty of governance...I hope that AAP will successfully clear all the hurdles and will provide clean governance to the people of Delhi..This task may not be completely handled alone by AAP only....All the people of Delhi and officers will have to make it a success...All kudos to people of Delhi and AAP....keep on blogging...

Monday, December 9, 2013

Kudos to AAP and Aam Aadami of NCT,Delhi

Hello must have watched the verdict of recent elections in four states...The most catchy result is from NCT,Delhi....The phenomenal rise of AAP adn it's leader Mr Arvind Kejriwal is spectacular...He has written history yesterday which will be quoted and remembered for the time to come....The rise and success of AAP indicates a paradigm shift in the Indian politics...Now old and established parties can't take things granted. Now they have to deliver good and transparent government which is pro poor and pro people. Due to rising corruption, Aam Adami is full of anger as nothing happened without approach or greasing the palm of the public servant. Politicians started enjoying power and perks which led to further deterioration in public life.Now, we can hope that Politicians will learn something and behave accordingly. As rightly said by Rahul Gandhi that he will try to learn from AAP, it is better for them to quick fix at the earliest. Politics is the best course of serving people should not be taken as money earning profession...I hope that this land slide victory of AAP will be a game changer for Indian Politics....keep on blogging..

Monday, December 2, 2013

A Revenue officer,Shashikant arrested by CBI for bribery...CBEC needs to ponder!!!

A deputy commissioner of customs,Shashikant [Promotee officer from Appraiser cadre]  posted at Inland Container Depot (ICD) Dadri in Uttar Pradesh’s Gautam Budh Nagar, and two Delhi-based businessmen have been arrested for bribery, a CBI official said Sunday. A Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) official said that seeking the release of a seized shipment consisting of tyres from the customs department, the promoter of a firm located at East of Kailash in New Delhi contacted a middleman – the owner of another private firm at Bhikaji Cama Place – who assured release of the goods on paying a bribe of Rs.500,000. On the complaint of the promoter who paid the bribe to the customs official, the deputy commissioner’s residence at Noida was raided and the bribe money recovered. During the searches that were conducted at six locations in Delhi and surrounding areas, various incriminating documents were recovered from the possession of the accused person. Apart from the bribe amount, the CBI recovered a gold brick of one kilogram, silver, diamond jewellery and documents related to investments worth more than a crore of rupees from the residential premises of the deputy commissioner. A case has been registered by CBI under sections of the Indian Penal Code and the Prevention of Corruption Act, against the deputy commissioner of customs, the two businessmen and other unknown people. 
[ Source :-IANS]

Manmauji:- Hello all, once again a painful news broke out from NCR regarding the arrest of a senior revenue officer [Promoted from Appraiser]....It is disturbing to think about the overall impact of such incidence on the credibility of Indirect tax administration. According to inside sources, the accused officer has a very bad reputation in the revenue fraternity. He earned more enemies than friends in the department as per one insider of the department due to his style of functioning, character,nature and faulty personality issues. 

   Now the question arises, if these information are true then how such officer was given very sensitive charges..He remained posted at ICD,Dadri from last two years and before that he was in charge of central preventive wing of Noida Commissionerate [As per one officer posted at Noida]....CBEC needs to re look on the transfer/posting issues in the field formation as it is controlled and managed locally to avoid posting of bad reputation officer to sensitive areas. Due to wasted interests, such officers generally got the backing from HODs and higher ups due to which the intensity of misuse of powers and corrupt practices increases. Therefore, it is the need of the hour that such officers [whatever position they have] who back corrupt officers should be identified and needs to be punished. CBEC has to take corrective measures immediately to safeguard the image of the department....keep on blogging.. 

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Asaram Bapu.....Conspiracy or Reality??????

Hello all, I am sorry to not to update the blog for a long time due to my busy schedule....Today, I want to share some feelings on the very widely debated/viewed topic in Indian Media i.e. Asaram Ji Bapu....I am pained to see the visuals of Asaram ji going to Jail and undergoing trial for very heinous crime [Rape]...It is alleged in the media that he is a rapist,land grabber,tantric and Dhongi [Pakhandi]....On viewing the media coverage, I found that there are two types of reporting by various news channels...One set of channeles Aaj Tak,ABP news,Zee news,India Tv,India News,News24,etc are showing all possible negative side of the story and almost considered/believed/proved that Asaram Ji Bapu is rapist,land grabber and tantric and fake saint...while on the other hand, one set of media such as Sudarshan channel,News Nation,A 2 Z news,etc are showing positive aspects of this story....By seeing these two sets of media coverage,the simple human logic says that there is something wrong in this whole episode. One side of the story forced us to believe that Asaram is a fake saint and at the same time other side of the story forced us to believe that there is a grand conspiracy going on against Asaram Bapu.
     Recently one person Bholanand or Vinod Gupta appeared on India News Tv channel where he claimed that he saw all the wrong things in the Ashram of Asaram Ji. First of all, I think that he should be prosecuted because if his claims are correct then at the time of crime, he was sadhak and follower of the Asaram Bapu, then he was part of the crime and he should also be punished for co-operating in the execution of crime. Later on, India Tv and Sudarshan Tv came out with the report that Jammu police has been asked to enquire against Bholanand for trying to impalnt fake proofs inside Asaram Ji Ashram....This story was also widely covered by National print media. The clips are available at .....I am surprised to know that these things are not at all shown by other set of Tv channels such as India News,Aaj Tak,etc....
   Besides, some persons like Amrit Prazapati and Mahendra Chawala  also appeared on some Tv channels who claimed that they have seen all wrong doings in Asaram ji Ashram....Few facts about these two persons are also available on some news channels where it was claimed by the real brothers of Mahendra Chawala that Chawala is a liar and he is motivated by some un social elements...He is claiming that he is being threatened by Narayan Sai on phones but he never showed these tapes to his brothers...Amrit Prazapati was claimed by some tv channels that he is a fake doctor and was expelled by Ashram due to irrgularity in treatment...He planted his wife in Burqa against Asaram ji Bapu..later on he confessed it too.
    By these facts in mind, I feel disturbed that the developments are not covered by media with a balance. If somebody such as Amrit Prazapati claimed that he brought Narcotic substances for Asaram Bapu then he should be booked under NDPS act immediately for supplying illegal drugs to Asaram ji bapu....
I found that public at large believes widely on what ever is presented by Media. It is the responsibility of media to feel their national responsibility and present both side of the story. Media trail is a dangerous trend in our country where Accused person is being treated as criminal....What will happen when Court of this country give clean chit to Asaram Ji Bapu...Whether these channels will take responsibility for the loss of faith or damage to the image of Ashram....It is surprising that some of the so called national channels are showing animated graphics of inside of Asaram Ji's Kutiya where it is alleged that it has all five star features. They should atleast visit the Ashram and see the reality whether it has five star features or it is a simple Kutiya. Atleast this much fact finding is required and necessary by the National Media.
   Therefore I feel that it is the right time to have a code of conduct for the media to force them to mandatory show both sides. Currently,media is deliberatly calling so called Sadhak of Asaram Ji Bapu who knows little about Ashram..They are not in a position to defend or put correct defence against the allegation.This way they appeared to proof in haste that Asaram is rapist and criminal which may not be true and fair to him. He has done lot of good work and immense social work to uplift the life of common people. His good work must  also be recognised properly and due coverage should be given. If later on court founds him guilty then he should be punished but before the court decision,considering him criminal and treating him like a criminal is not justified and against the natural justice. I appeal to some of the negative thinking Tv Channels to show unbiased reports. Otherwise, people of this country will think about them very negatively.   

Saturday, July 13, 2013

One child, one teacher, one pen and one book can change the world...Food for thought

Last October, when Pakistani teenager Malala Yousafzai was returning home in a school bus, in the remote North-West Frontier Province town of Mingora, she could never have imagined that on her 16th birthday she would be in faraway New York, receiving accolades from the United Nations for being a blazing symbol of women’s right to education in a region subject to the harsh diktats of Taliban rule.
Yet that is precisely where she found herself this Friday, as she donned a pink head scarf, and in her first speech since the Taliban in Pakistan tried to kill her nine months ago, told United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and around 1,000 students from around the world attending a Youth Assembly at the U.N that education was the only way to improve lives.
“Let us pick up our books and pens. They are our most powerful weapons. One child, one teacher, one pen and one book can change the world. Education is the only solution,” Ms. Yousafzai said.
After images of the prone body of a girl shot in the head and neck, being transported via helicopter to a Peshawar hospital shocked many across the world last year, Ms. Yousafzai, still unconscious, was eventually sent to a hospital in the United Kingdom for intensive rehabilitation.
Receiving several standing ovations this week at the U.N., she reflected, “They thought that the bullet would silence us, but they failed... The terrorists thought that they would change my aims and stop my ambitions, but nothing changed in life, except this: weakness, fear and hopelessness died. Strength, courage and fervour was born.”
At the Youth Assembly, Ms. Yousafzai also presented Mr. Ban with a petition reportedly signed by 4 million people in support of 57 million children who are not unable to attend school, and “demanding that world leaders fund new teachers, schools and books and end child labour, marriage and trafficking.”
Even as Mullah Fazlullah, the cleric who allegedly ordered the attack on Ms. Yousafzai, was said to be hiding out in eastern Afghanistan, and his capture remains bogged down by the complexity of ISAF operations in the border region near the Durand Line, Ms. Yousafzai has displayed defiance in the face of the Taliban reiterating threats to harm her and her family.
Since the incident of the attack against her, former U.K. Prime Minister and current U.N. Special Envoy for Global Education Gordon Brown launched a UN petition in Ms. Yousafzai’s name, titled “I am Malala” and calling for children worldwide be attending school by the end of 2015.
Mr. Ban has announced that November 10 will be celebrated as Malala Day.
‘Standing ovation’
Her continuing popularity as an ambassador for women’s rights and human rights were summed up more broadly in a tweet by former Pakistan Ambassador to the U.S., Sherry Rehman, who said, “Standing ovation for Malala at the UN. Proud of this brave young Pakistani woman. May she inspire thousands more to lead.”
One child, one teacher, one pen and one book can change the world
Malala Yousafzai
Source:- The Hindu

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Natural Holocaust in disaster response adequate in our country???

Hello all,Uttarakhand is passing through worst time phase...Thousands of innocent people have died and millions of people are either missing or fighting for survival..It is a "Natural Holocaust".....They don't have food,drinking water,medicines and blankets to survive in this difficult time..Relief material such as Bottle Milk,Drinking water,Glucose,Biscuits,etc is required but despite the best effort, the rescue operation is not at desired level....When I visited ADM,Dehradun office, he was utterly confused and helpless to do anything...It was due to several reasons...There was lack of co-ordination between Disaster management authority,district administration,army and air force....every organisation is working pararllely...There is no well though out rescue plan as it should be post Tsunami period when National Disaster management authority was created...The first most thing is to restore communication channel as during such disaster, communication channels gets needs to be restored to carry out rescue operation, in Uttarakhand, there is no concrete plan in restoring communication channels...there must be alternative satellite phones with rescue teams.
Besides, in pilgrimage centers which are quite difficult place such as mountains, there has to be some permit system so that total count of the people along with their names and photographs must be this way, we can have realistic count on number of casualty and rescue mission...Along with it, there is a need to have check on unauthorised construction activity in such areas...During rescue operation also, there is a need to continuously update people about the efforts made...for this there has to be a central portal which should provide all the information at one place...while in uttarakhand, information is being dissipated from several sources at several leads to chaos and uncertainty....
I pray to God for the speedy recovery and smooth rescue mission in Uttarakhand...May all the people survive this tragedy...Keep on blogging...

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Regarding CSE[Mains].....Reply to Mr Sachin

Mr Sachin:- Hello Sir,Greetings.
The prelims of CS 2013 is over and its time to gear up for the Mains. Being confident about prelims result and a lot apprehensive about mains, following things are bothering me. I would be really thankful if you could guide me on these:
1. How to go for writing practice especially for the optional (I have selected sociology and I am from engineering background)? Should I go for a test series, if yes, then which one? (I am right now posted as Bank PO in Gujarat)
2. How to approach for GS paper-IV (Ethics, integrity and aptitude)?
3. What is the usual cut off for qualifying papers of English and one Indian language?
Sachin   Manmauji:- Hello Sachin, thanks for your visit on the blog...Regarding your query, I will try to answer one by one as follows:- [1] You have to write as much as possible as per the pattern for GS as well as for optional. You can join any test series available locally....Actually, it is a test for can write at homw also and get the answers evaluated by some one from university or who have qualified in CSE. Since you are posted in Gujrat, you can write answers at home or search some good institute locally. [2] For this paper, you can read books on Public administration such as Maheswari and Maheswari,Fadia and Fadia,Mohit Bhatacharya etc...These books have special topics on such issues...You can refer latest journals from Indian Institute of Public Administration [IIPA],Near ITO,New Delhi also on these topics. [3] Language papers in CSE[Mains] are of 10th standards can easily qualify with a little bit of preparation. To be on safer side you must score at least 50% of the total marks.....further query is welcome...good luck...keep on Blogging.... 

Regarding technical resignation...Reply to Mr Ashish

Mr Ashish:- Dear Sir,
I am currently in a central service from 2010 exam and will be getting another central service from 2012 exam.
My query is:
1. I want a continuation in service, without break. in that case, can I seek exemption from FC and continue in my present service and then give a technical resignation in December when departmental training starts and join the new service? I have applied "Through Proper Channel" so relieving should not be an issue here. Is exemption given for preparation and will it be considered wrong if I continue to be in job?
2. What is the quantum of time I can have in the transition phase i.e. after 'technically' resigning from last service and joining new service?
Any suggestions and feedback will be welcome.
Ashish   Manmauji:- Hello Mr Ashish, thanks for your visit on the blog...Congratulations on your grand success in CSE...Regarding your query, if you have not attended FC in your previous service then only you will be asked to join FC...Even then you can ask for relaxation from FC on some pretext...since this year CSE[Mains] will be in December so one might not require exemption from FC and even DOPT may not consider request for exemption from FC.....Any way, FC is a golden period for all the successful candidates...if you are not planning to appear again for CSE then kindly go and join FC and have fun for life time....Regarding time required for transition, it is very fact it is only a apply for technical resignation and can proceed to join new department after some formalities which takes very less time...further query is welcome...keep on blogging...

Friday, May 3, 2013

CSE-2012 results are out...Kudos to all successful candidates

Hello all, UPSC finally declared CSE-2012 list of successful candidates...Kudos to all successful candidates...Enjoy the best period of your life.Besides, all those who could not make it, don't loose hope...better luck next time...Keep on blogging.. 

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Regarding Cadre restructuring in CBEC & CBDT....for IRS[C&CE] & IRS[IT] officers

ONLY a fortnight back, I had talked about the possibility of rising crescendo of demand for immediate implementation of the proposed Cadre Restructuring of a large basket of Group A, B & C services of both the Revenue Boards. With the news gradually spreading to the field formations that it is not only the CBEC but also the CBDT, which has achieved the Revised Targets of revenue collections, such a news has buoyed up the spirit and morale of the officers cutting across the Group-hierarchy. They sincerely hope that the Finance Minister, Mr P Chidambaram, may not look for more tangible reasons to justify their demands. Rather they feel that their demands are nothing extra as they have always been a loser from the perspective of the Doctrine of Parity with other organised Central or All India Services. So, the IRS or others in sub-ordinate grades strongly feel that the DoP&T has historically been inimical to their interests, and since most of the key administrative organs, which advise the Union Cabinet, are controlled by the IAS, their service interests have been ill-treated. The feeling of injury to their self-respect has been so deep-seated that such a systemic discrimination or partisan behaviour is largely perceived as hostile advances to snatch away what is due to them. They also have a feeling that whatever internal rivalry or mutual distrust the IRS has with Group B and other Services, are again fuelled by extraneous forces, which ultimately damage the interests of the Exchequer by injecting virus of unionism.
Let's now move to some of the ground realities. As per the DoP&T guidelines, the Cadre Review is an exercise, which is to be undertaken every five years. And the rationale behind such an exercise is to overcome the shortcomings, which may have crept into subsequently. The cadre-restructuring is to satisfy the functional, structural and personnel requirements by removing distortions and enhancing efficiency and morale of the cadres. It is also to plan recruitment in such a way to avoid future promotional blocks and prevent gap build-ups. In simple words, it aims at harmonising the functional needs with the genuine and justified career expectations of the officers. But as the facts go the previous Cadre Reviews were undertaken in the year 2002 and 2003 for the CBDT and CBEC respectively. It clearly means a Review, which should have been undertaken after five years, has been initiated after 10-long years. Besides, it has been dragging its feet for two years and meanwhile, a good number of officers with legitimate expectations of getting their second promotion have sorely retired but the system does not care - least bothered is the DoP&T.
How irrelevantly our responsible Ministers speak on such sensitive issues can be gauged from the statement of MoS V Narayanasamy, who spoke in January 2012 at Bangalore, that ''Within a fortnight Cadre Review will be finalised with the PMO’s approval. The government will safeguard your interests.” He said so in the inaugural session of the All India Convention of the Indian Revenue Service Association. Although a Minister is ultimately responsible for the failure and success of a System but he had blamed the IRS Association for not taking the Cadre Review initiative for 10-long years. Strange it may sound! But, our politicians, who shape up a system, are generally good at passing the buck, and time over-run, whether is an infrastructure project or a Cadre Review, is a 'salient' feature of every decision they take.
Anyway, let's visit the current status of the case. TIOL has come to learn that the CBDT case, which has been running months ahead of the CBEC, was finally referred to the Committee of Secretaries after the DoP&T came up with their partisan prescription to make amendments in their proposal. The issue has presently been escalated to the level of a Group of Ministers (GoM), headed by the Defence Minister. There are about half a dozen other key Ministers in this GoM, which is slated to meet coming Monday (April 29). The only item on its agenda is to look into the fairness of the demand made by the CBDT and how justified is the rejection by the DoP&T. If the GoM approves the proposal with a few alterations, it would pave the way for the CBEC proposal, which has been approved by the Finance Minister recently, and it has to now snake through the Department of Expenditure and then to the DoP&T before it gets the 'bureaucratic nod' to get escalated to the Cabinet-level. The only hope for its speedy clearance is the decision of the GoM on the CBDT proposal. Whatever formula is accepted for the CBDT, the same would apply to the CBEC, which is gearing up for the proposed GST but has not taken any new posts for now matured Service Tax.
Let's now go to the key objections raised by the DoP&T. While tailoring the proposals, both the Revenue Boards, which have undergone massive transformation in terms of revenue collections responsibilities; expansion of tax-base and enhancement of taxpayers' services in the past one decade, decided to ask for less number of posts for their horizontal growth and demand vertical parity with other Services to salvage their self-respect. Although IRS is reported to be the second most preferred Service among the Civil Services aspirants but ironically, it has not a SINGLE en-cadred Secretary-level post. Although in terms of size it is as big as the IAS, which has the cadre strength of 4400 officers and about 275 Secretary-level posts, there is NONE for the IRS. Its Chairman, the senior-most IRS officer, is at best the ex officio Special Secretary-rank officer. What a travesty of justice!! When it comes to postal service or Railway Service or Audit Service, they have their own officers reaching the top in the rank of Secretary but for the IRS, the same system, nourished by the representatives of Parliamentary Democracy, sanctions an IAS head to rule them or put them in a state of servitude. Even the IFS, which has a cadre strength of 618 officers, has as many as 26 Secretary-level posts. Even the IPS, which has a strength of 3500 officers, has as many as 50 posts in the Apex Scale. Even the Indian Audit and Account Service has its fair share of Apex Scale posts but not the IRS. Why? Any constitutional reason for such 'systemic discrimination'? None except the whims of politicians and fancies of IAS-dominated system. Given that our system is IAS-dominated and the fact that the IAS constitutes a Class in itself, it does not like migrants from other Services having the same Apex Scale posts. And this is the Objection Number ONE of the DoP&T.
Interestingly, the DoP&T itself had communicated to the Department of Revenue that there should be three pay-scales for CCITs. In response to the same, the CBDT had proposed to remove the flaw in its structure where no posts in relation to Apex and HAG+ exist today. It also proposed to earn parity with other comparable services and sought compensation for expanded span of control, workload and jurisdiction. It has asked for 26 Apex level posts, which would constitute 0.44% of their cadre strength. For the Audit & Account Service the same ratio is 0.57%; for the IFS, it is 4.45% and for the IAS it is 1.35%, including the field level posts. But when the CBDT has asked for 26 such posts, the great wisdom, which has recently dawned on DoP&T and its same Minister who had earlier said that the Cadre Review would be approved within a fortnight, such a demand may upset the balance in the Service and may also trigger similar demand from other Services. What a wonderful demonstration of administrative justice for which 'rule of law' and doing away with injustice is no concern in the face of the possibility of similar demand from other services. Merely because other services may ask for their own pound of flesh, the DoP&T's variety of doctrine of justice is to do no Justice to any service at all!! Even though the CBDT demand for Apex scale constitutes only about 3% of Senior Duty Posts (SDPs), which was recommended by the Fifth Pay Commission, it makes little sense to DoP&T, which specialises in practising its own brand of justice-dispensing administrative ideology. DoP&T is not able to see the fact that even after it gets what it has proposed in its cadre restructuring plan, it would stay behind the IAS and others by THREE years in HAG Grade.
In a nutshell, the present dispute is more about the Apex Scale posts, which are again more about salvaging the face and self-esteem of the Service, which has been doing the most crucial work of earning revenue for the Treasury. The GoM needs to remind itself of the fact that it is the Tax Department alone, which represents the Union Government in every nook and corner of the country. It earns 'bread' for the Treasury and the Executive, which can indulge in ambitious developmental programme as per the Directive Principles enshrined in the Constitution. Even when the economy has been under tremendous stress it has met the 'political targets' of revenue collections but it seems the Finance Minister and others in the Union Cabinet have scant respect for all such achievements. Across the world the Revenue Service is treated as a premium service but India truly stands in a different class where logic and common sense do not make much sense! I fail to understand why our politicians do not see the festering frustration in the various Revenue Services where an Inspector of Central Excise barely manages just one promotion in his entire career of 37 years. Why do they not understand that keeping a demoralised workforce is much more hazardous for a system than pleasing a few dozen top-notch babus, who assist them in perpetuating the Westminster style of governance. It is high time the Finance Minister and others in the GoM need to undo the historical injustice inflicted on the Revenue Services of all Groups, and their service conditions must be brought to the level of parity with other Services if not more.....keep on blogging.....

Regarding Child Care Leave...Reply to Miss Anonymous

Miss Anonymous:- Hello Mr. Manmauji.
Can you enlighten the female Officers (like me, IRS already on EOL) regarding the provision of maternity leave and child care leave. I heard that NADT is 16 months and no leave is granted in between. So will they grant another full year EOL or few months leave during training will be permissible.
This will be a great help, since its a crucial area for lady officers, who enter service around 30.
Also kindly enlighten regarding Child care leave and the procedure for the same.   Manmauji:- Hello Miss Anonymous, thanks for your visit on the blog....Congratulations on your entry in to IRS....Regarding your query, you rightly said that NADT is very strict on leave aspect once you join the training...Since your case is genuine and needs consideration, you can request NADT administration regarding extension of leave...As per rules, one can get child care leave for three years with pay up to two children in whole service career. Since, your service has not been confirmed yet, I am not sure whether you can avail these benefits or not. In case of emergency, you can take leave. In NADT, you can get family quarters during training and keep your family along with you. So, I think there is no need to take one year EOL, you can join the training and apply for family quarters. If required, in between you can ask for leave. It is advisable to not to avail child care leave in a go and keep it safe for future usage..I don't think there will be any problem as such on this issue...further query is welcome...keep on blogging..

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Rape..Rape..Rape...once again...once again...

Hello All, once again Delhi is on International Media radar for wrong reasons....this time the victim is five year old kid from a poor family. It is outrageous and needs to be condemned at all level. Such brutal behaviour can't be accepted in a civil society. The perpetrator has to be handled with iron hand. The message must go to such cruel mentally sick people  that such behaviour is no more tolerated and will lead to harshest punishment.
      On viewing media reports and discussions on televisions, I feel disturbed by the apathy/insensitivity of Delhi Police personnel. At the same time, I would like to throw some light on the insensitivity of society as well. When a person was crying on the road with his wife and two kids after the accident, no body came to help them. Where is the society or so called social activist gone at that time. Only administration can't handle vast country like us alone. There has to be participation from all stake holders. Besides, when we blame on Police personnel, no doubt Police is very insensitive and cruel. They generally don't reciprocate to the common people. They are majorly engaged in VIP security and their concern. Though, the behaviour of SHO,IO or ACP is not at all at per mark, they are public servant and needs to understand and sense the public anger and behave accordingly. The public outrage is mainly due to their post rape reaction. They would have acted swiftly and saved the situation. It seems that they haven't learn any thing from the past accident.
       Along with it, Government must understand the plight of Police. It is quite unfair to expect much from overstressed,understaffed,under paid,under trained,poorly equipped police force. There is a crying need to upgrade the police manual and overhaul the police forces by infusing new and Young blood in sufficient numbers at all levels. Periodic training must be provided at all levels specially in the field of crowd management, sensitisation and need of the new world order and changing society. Delhi police personnel are working overtime to secure the city but there is human limitation. Public Police ratio must improve and should be at par with world standard. This will create new employment opportunity for the educated youths as well.
     Besides, society must also learn to respond to such situation collectively. These criminal elements are part of the society. There should be collective reaction against such sick people. Social ostracizing can be such effective method along with mass education regarding gender sensitivity. The sexual frustration needs to be tackled particularly of poor labour class,rickshaw puller community,daily wage labourers who are living away from their family. PURA [providing urban amenities in rural areas] concept needs to be implemented as early as possible so that rural urban migration can be tackled and such job oriented family breakup must be avoided. Since, Indian labour is largely working as an unorganised force. There should be concerted effort from the government as well as from society to organise the labour sector. Once, labour sector is organised, the wages will improve and so the life standards of these labourers. Then, this class can afford  their families to live together. This will definitely reduce such incidence of cruel outburst of sexual frustration.
     Merely pointing fingers on Police force will never change the scenario. The don't have magic wands to change the mind of common person but definitely they can improve their response post such incident. Perception matters a lot. In emergency situations, even if someone is not able to do anything but a feeling or perception that right efforts are being made can change the whole scenario....At last ,I pray for that unfortunate small kid and wish for her speedy recovery... keeps on Blogging..   

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Hue & Cry...Whether India is Honey Bee or Bharat Mata

Hello All, all of you must be watching a media debate on Honey Bee Vs Bharat Mata on almost all the television channels across the country since yesterday...I found it a bit ridiculous [though some of you may differ on this topic] to spent so much of energy on the plain statements of two politicians. I think we have much more important and serious issues to be pondered over and  for through discussion. This shows that Indian electronic media still revolves around individual personalities. Though, individual thinking matters a lot in any democratic system or say in any type of political system e.g. an individual thinking of Mr Hitler affected whole world, Gandhi's individual charisma drove India's Freedom struggle,Mr Nelson Mandela's thought process affected the Africans yet too much discussion on such topics may not yield substantive results as it may not reflect the entirety of any individual thinking or his/her thought process.
      There has to be focus on some more important and relevant issues which are affecting Indian masses such as rising cost, inflation,corruption,crime,gender disparity, malnutrition, poverty, pollution, drought, unemployment,etc. There seems nobody to think about the solutions of these problems. In fact, I wondered that there is no street level demand also for these problems barring of -course some sporadic responses/Dharnas here and there. People of India are so tolerant that they ignore everything thinking that they can't do anything for exp. in one locality road must be full of pot holes but no body seems to go for dharnas/morcha against municipality or PWD engineers for repair....same is the case with electricity, water supply,health infrastructure,etc. Until and unless there is demand for these things,supply will not be there [ It's simple demand-supply equation]....All politicians,common people,officers must synergies for the development of this country. There are numerous job avenues can be created...if government really wants to remove poverty and unemployment, then by merely providing unemployment allowances or NREGA will not work. There should be a drive to first fill all the vacancies in the government departments be it police,civic or PSUs. After that, there should be intense drive to train qualitatively the work force which is less educated through ITI or any other mode. There should be drive to organise the un-organised sector. This will definitely improve wages,quality and supply.For e.g. almost every middle class and upper class requires domestic help. This sector is highly un-organised and full of exploitation. This sector can be organised with well trained work force. This will improve the image of domestic help and will propel as full fledged career options just like hotel management professionals.
   In short, issues are numerous which can be elaborated and discussed upon. If we all participate in such endeavour then the debate on Honey Bee Vs Bharat Mata  will loose its relevance and importance....keep on blogging...   

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Regarding Custom Examiner...Reply to Miss/Mr Anonymous

Miss/Mr Anonymous:- Sir, i am selected as an examiner of customs. Sir can you please tell me about the promotional aspects and how many years do i need to become an irs and how far can i go(i.e. upto additional commissioner). Sir please reply to my question.

Manmauji:- Hello Miss/Mr Anonymous, thanks for your visit on the blog and congratulations on your selection in to Custom Examiner...Regarding your query, the process of promotion under CBEC [Central Board of Excise and Customs] for Group B officers is extremely slow. However, since you are selected directly as an Examiner, you can reach up to Additional Commissioner and sometimes up to Commissioner as well if you are selected at the age of 21.But, you will reach at these positions only in the last leg of your career. However, if CBEC carries cadre restructuring, then more positions will be created at the top and in that case you will have more chances to be promoted in IRS early but keeping the recent recruitment of bigger batches of direct IRS officers through UPSC's Civil Services Examination, the promotion for Group B officers will again affected badly. Still you can hope for the best and enjoy the examiner job at customs. further query is welcome....keep on blogging..

Regarding LBSNAA...Reply to Mr Jaydev Dangar

Mr Jaydev Dangar:- What about the married candidates? Are they allowed to keep his/her spouse at institute?

Manmauji:- Hello Mr Jaydev Dangar, thanks for your visit on the blog...Regarding your query,during foundation course, spouses are strictly not allowed at the Institute...further query is welcome...keep on blogging...

Saturday, March 2, 2013

An Experience of an IRS[C&CE] officer

Hello all,I am publishing an experience of a senior Commissioner level IRS[C&CE] officer without quoting his/her name here for general education to the Civil Service Aspirants...This is what he/she says:-

          "I opted for IC & CES after IAS as I was not keen on IFS and IPS. I was told IC &CES will give variety compared to Income Tax. It has reward schemes. My experience in the last 20 odd years vis-a-vis my initial assumptions is as follows:

1. In my two stints as AC/DC Division I could play the role in administration, adjudication (judicial), preventive (policing) and public relations (External Relations) and a team player (private executive). The position gave me immense insights in to the business processes of trade and industry and associated problems making me fit to be an advisor on these matters

2. Working in Customs: import assessment, export assessment, dock examination, and Courier cargo clearance gave me the skills of an Engineer or material/goods expert. Passenger clearance at airport... gave me superb insights in to human behaviour and human relationships; coordination with other agencies and working in a networked environment

3. Working in CESTAT, Legal, Audit, and Preventive, etc made me discriminate good argument and bad argument. It taught me appreciate that every one has a good argument and bad argument. I learnt how to advance my argument, views, opinions, etc without hurting others thought these are not in line with others views/opinions.

4. As JC/ADC I worked in sevice tax, major air cargo, minor port, CCO and NACEN. It gave me opportunity to work in a "staff role/supportive role". The period is used

for institution building: mentoring AC/DCs and learning leadership skills from seniors. I learnt coordination jobs, peer relation management, and self capacity building (did MPA in Singaporea)

5. As ADG, NACEN: I am happy to be part of capacity building machinery of CBEC.

My experience with the service is good. May be I got opportunity to work in all areas of work and at various places. I may be the very FEW WHO SERVED IN ALL FIVE ZONES. Ofcourse my stint in Central Zone is on addl charge basis (RTI, Patna and Kanpur)

I am of the view that our service is a combination of IAS (territorial jurisdiction), IPS (Uniform and Investigation), IFS (Coin Postings), and Judicial (adjudication). It gives immense variety.

To make the service better we need better house keeping and rest will be taken care."   Source:- Writeup on Facebook

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Regarding LBSNAA....Reply to Miss/Mr Anonymous

Miss/Mr Anonymous:-Hi!
I read your post I'm preparing for CSE, I suffer from a metabolic condition which though doesn't disqualifies me from appearing CSE, but makes my diet quite restrictive in order to manage the ailment.
I saw in your post that in LBSNAA, they don't allow accomodation for members of family, residence within the academy is compulsory, membership of mess is compulsory and we aren't allowed to cook in hostel room. How can I accommodate myself to the situation?

 Manmauji:- Hello Miss/Mr Anonymous, thanks for your visit on the blog...Regarding your query, Don't worry about the diet...once you got selected in CSE, these are the small issues which will be taken care by the academy. Regarding the family accommodation, though you can't stay in hostel but you can still manage it with the help of guest house,etc...So don't worry...just relax and prepare well for CSE...good luck...further query is welcome...keep on blogging..

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Paradigm change in Civil Service Exam[Mains] is on anvil...Attention all CSE aspirants

Hello is the news which was most awaited for a long time.I am reproducing here what has been reported in a national daily....
The format of the Civil Services Examination, arguably the most competitive test in the country that selects IAS, IPS and allied officers, is set for a makeover.
Each year, around 4 lakh aspirants apply for the exam for about 1,050 available posts. Government is set to reduce the weightage given to optional subjects by half - from 1200 out of 2300 marks to 600. At the same time, weightage for general studies will be increased to 1200 marks from the current 600.
PM Manmohan Singh is expected to clear the revamped version this week, enabling the Union Public Service Commission to notify the examination that has already been delayed by three weeks.
The extreme variations in scores between optional subjects have been a subject for debate for a long time.
For instance, there are optional subjects such as public administration and political science in which candidates expect to score much higher than ones who take, say civil engineering or mathematics. As a result, candidates end up opting for subjects on the basis of perceptions of scores rather than what they graduated in. The UPSC hopes to reduce this distortion.
The reduced weightage of optionals will be given to General Studies - which is common for all candidates - to provide a level playing field for them. The government had in 2011 similarly revamped the preliminary examination when it had made general studies the focus of the qualifying examination rather than subject knowledge.
The UPSC has a three-tier selection process to select civil servants.The first is the preliminary exam, an objective-type exam which serves as a screening test.Those who clear this are entitled to appear for the subjective-type main examination.About one-fifth of those who take the main examination get called for a personality test.....Keep on blogging
Source:-  Hindustan Times,Delhi edition

Monday, February 25, 2013

IPS Vs IRS...Reply to Mr Saransh Aggarwal

Mr Saransh Aggarwal:- good evening sir,
even after thinking a lot,i am unable to decide whether i should have ips or irs as the second service choice after ias. The reason being;i feel ips has a lot of insignificant postings, completely politicised, no technical skill learnt which can be used in some other sphere if one desires to leave the service.So after thinking on these lines, i believe i should put irs over ips, the reason being that though there is comparatively less power and there are infrastructure issues, but at the same time i would be learning a skill which will come handy if a decide to leave the service(one should always have a contingency plan-abraham lincoln). I have read about some irs officers who left the service and getting big money in the private sector; some even started their own companies.
Sir, please tell me as to how many years does it take for an irs officer to learn as much, as is required to start his own tax consultancy.Furthermore, i have read that there isnt such a thing called indirect tax consultancy as yet,this field is just emerging but i dont feel that it is going to come anywhere near direct tax consultancy.
Please tell me
-whether what i have written above is true?
-should the above given points be taken into consideration while deciding the service choice or are they insignificant
-let's suppose i put irs over ips.Then considering that i am joining the service only to learn the skill and plan to start my own tax consultancy in future, what will be better irs(it) or irs(cce). i believe direct tax would be better.
Dont forget to answer; ips or irs.As far as my attitude and tastes are concerned , both the services suit me.
Please help me out of this dilemma.I have wasted a lot of time on this.

Mr Saransh Aggarwal:- sir, if suppose i put ips over irs, but later on ,say after the results have been declared and i get to know more about the various services, i decide not to go for ips, Can i deliberately fail the physical test? Which service will be allocated to me in such a situation?waiting for reply....

thank you
Mr Saransh Aggarwal:- sir , in ias, is agmut cadre better than other state cadres?
I have noticed officers whose parents themselves are/were in civil services have preferred to go for the ut cadre.moreover i believe that though they have less power but since they are posted in different areas(delhi,arunachal,mizoram and other UTies), they have more autonomy,the politicians dont have much leverage on them.Is it true?   

 Manmauji:- Hello Mr Saransh Aggarwal, thanks for your visit on the blog...I can understand your dilemma which most of the CSE aspirants have in their mind...the answer to this question can't be straight...I will try to answer your queries one by one in point form...These views are may differ on these findings...your discretion should be applied before jumping to any conclusion.
The reply is as follows:-
 [1] So called insignificant postings are in all services. There are lot of positions/postings in IRS [both IT & C&CE] where you don't have basic things like vehicle,manpower and some time even separate room to sit...This is very common in IRS[IT] where you don't have separate might sit in cubicles just like in call centres...There is Central Revenue Building in Delhi near can go there and see how IRS[IT] people are sitting and working with one telephone shared by two officials...This is not so with IRS[C&CE] at least where you have almost separate rooms with modest infrastructure. In IRS[IT], at lower levels, you don't have staff at all below you...Regarding, expertise is concerned, it is true that you will not gain much in IPS...therefore you have very less chances to get second job in IPS..but again there is no straight answer...if you work professionally in IPS and earn name then you will never retire from IPS as you will get numerous chances to serve the government in various capacities...In IRS, you will get expertise in taxation and can start your consultancy or firm afterwards very easily.
[2] You rightly said that several IRS officers have started firms after quitting the job...the time for expertise depends on may take 5 years or 10 years to be perfect in the law...but tax administration is dynamic and changes every year post budget..therefore you need to update yourself everyday...But,I have a question for you, if you have already decided to start your firm then what is the need to compete for CSE as you can do it by clearing CA exams as CA's are more expert then any IRS initially...
[3] you rightly said that consultancy in direct tax is better at this time as compared to indirect taxes but due to Service Tax, now there is huge scope of consultancy in indirect taxes as well..After GST, this scope will further increases.
[4] Regarding IPS or IRS as you have written that you have taste for both...I think it is not possible that you have liking for both as both requires different taste and temperament...See,if you want to serve common people and can afford less urban life style, have appetite for power and stardom then IPS should be your choice, if you want to have urban life style,anonymous status,less power, no contribution to common man's life,satisfied with no manpower,no visible status symbol, file oriented typical office work profile, suited booted clients base, then IRS should be your choice...
[5] After selection, how can you deliberately fail medical test.....See before the result and immediately after interview, you will be asked to appear for medical in Delhi and it is full body check ups and nothing can fail yourself in Eye test or colour blindness which will debar you from that case you will be given next opted service in your mains form.
[6] Your findings are not true..Look, if you are in IPS then definitely your work will be influenced by politicians..Why are so much afraid by them....they are a part of system...better to make them friends and enjoy job and can negate reality...regarding UT cadre is better then other state cadre..I can say only that if you belongs to north Indian states then you won't prefer to serve in north east states or southern most such a scenario,UT cadre is much better for you.
I hope, I am successful in clearing some of the dust from your mind...further query is welcome...keep on blogging... 

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Regarding contradictions in officer's mind...Reply to Mr Gopal

Mr Gopal:- Dear Manmauji,
I hope you are doing well. I know you are very busy but may I still request you to write often as your articles are very informative and helpful to us. I am glad you had a wonderful evening enjoying Kailash kher concert as well as having a little introspective thought.
Those who are better suited working on IRS lines, but instead chose IAS/IPS because of the perks the latter services entail, it is very bad. They sure disappoint others and themselves as well. But for aspirants who want to be an administrator, but had to contend with other services, it is a tough pill to swallow.
  I can think of one suggestion. Perhaps it would be helpful if students were informed about the inner workings of different services under CSE. Your blog helps a lot regarding this. There is also this ; it tells us what's happening. I was an aspirant myself and I still don't know how different is, a 'routine job day' for IAS or IPS or IRS officers. Many other students don't know. So, it would be good if these two things happen
a) change in perception of students
b) to know about different services and how they function so as to make an informed choice.

Manmauji:- Hello Mr Gopal, thanks for your visit on the blog and kind words about rightly said that there has to be proper awareness among the civil service aspirants so that they can opt a service which  best suite them. I tried to disseminate some information in that direction through this blog. Still there will be problem. For e.g. even if the candidate is well informed, he/she doesn't have option to choose the service after the selection as the choice of service has to be filled in the CSE[Mains] application form. At that time, nobody is sure what rank one is going to get due to unscientific selection process. You see, someone is getting good marks in mains exam but due to poor marks in Interview his/her rank will be low and hence he will land up in services other than All India services. The same is the case with other way situation when you score poor in mains exam and good in interview. In mains exam, you have several chances to offset your bad score. Suppose you performed bad in GS paper then you have still chance to score good in mains by performing good in optionals but this is not the case in interview. Within 15 to 20 minutes,your life is being decided by few people sitting in Board.
       Therefore,what I feel is,since everyone is writing the same exam hence those who qualified CSE have equal merit and intellect level. After the selection process is over, there has to be some intense field testing or some method must be devised by Ministry of Personnel to know the real interest and aptitude of the selected candidate and accordingly service should be might differ with my views. But this is actually serious matter and must be thought,discussed and planned to prevent wastage of talent. I know officers in IPS who prefer to be in IRS but landed in IPS due to rank. Now they are not able to perform in IPS, occasionally proceeding on leave. One of the IPS officer took leave and now teaching in some Civil service coaching institute in Delhi and feeling more satisfied then in IPS. At the same time,some of the IRS are just frustrated in IRS as they like more common people oriented service profile as they belongs to rural areas and want to work for their problems. But in IRS, they need to deal only with rich people.Now you see the contradictions and complete wastage of manpower,talent,etc....keep on Blogging...  

Kudos to CSE-2012[Mains] candidates...

Hello,UPSC has declared much awaited CSE-2012[Mains] result on 22/2/2013..I extend my congratulations to all those who figured in this list.Wish you a very best of luck for the interview...At the same time,I want to say to all those who didn't make it to this list that life is not over here..You must put your best effort next year exams....all the best...keep on blogging...

Monday, February 4, 2013

Do I have a passion about anything??I am confused...

Hello everybody, I am sorry for not able to update the blog since long time due to very hectic schedule...Today,I attended a concert by Mr Kailash Kher...I was mesmerised by the live performance by him...His voice is so unique and strong that whole crowd was enjoying this between he told that people used to ask him that he is travelling on almost every alternate day but he looks so fresh and alive all the time and give performances seamlessly and effortlessly...He told that indeed it is correct and it is possible only because "HIS PASSION IS HIS WORK"....when somebody work in the area where he has passion then nothing like it...he/she will never feel tired.
     I am continuously thinking after this wonderful evening...whether I have passion for anything or Do i have passion for what I am doing right now....the answer goes in blank....actually,I don't have passion what I am doing right now that is why I feel tired after the office hours...My heart is somewhere else all the time...then who is at fault...whether I am responsible for this or the system which recruits people like us.I think there are some problem in Civil Service recruitment itself as in other areas be it engineering,medicines,etc.I know various people who did engineering to earn money and enjoy life but they landed somehow to institute like DRDO or ISRO...these are premier research institutes of our country where different type of mentality is required. Here, you need to have people who have passion for research.They must drive motivation from their research work but due to unemployment and less opportunities outside,students landed up in such institutes and get frustrated very soon as they don't have passion for R & D....same is the case for Civil services also...I know many officers who landed in IPS or IAS or IFS who don't have passion for such jobs...They are more suited for IRS or audit jobs due to their back ground or they are not able to perform to their best...They are just cursing the system and getting frustrated...On the other hand people who landed in IRS don't like their profile and have more suitable aptitude for IAS or IPS but due to mere ranking in CSE, they landed up in their present profile...I think this system of service allocation as per ranking is not healthy and good for the country as it is mere wastage of talent....there has to be some alternate method to allocate service as per taste,temperament,attitude and likings/disliking of the person after the CSE results...then only officers can perform at best.
   This mental confusion is pervasive all around the service profile of the civil servants of this I am....there is continuous search is going on about my real that i can quit this profile and join the area of my passion so that i can enjoy my work and excel in that field like Mr Kailash Kher is doing...    

Monday, December 3, 2012

Regarding EOL...Reply to Miss/Mr Anonymous

Miss/Mr Anonymous:- Can you please elaborate on the EOL procedure..? After joining how many days it will take.? Thanks in advance

Manmauji:- Hello Miss/Mr Anonymous, thanks for your visit on the blog...Regarding your query, If you are selected for IRS[C&CE] or IRS[IT], at the time of joining respective academies i.e. NACEN or NADT, you will be asked whether you want to avail EOL...immediately after joining academy, you can apply for EOL and proceed...further query is welcome...keep on blogging... 

Friday, November 30, 2012

A Must Read...Attention UPSC

The pattern of the Civil Services examination makes a mockery of the UPSC’s demand for ‘depth of understanding’ from candidates

    The Union Public Service Commission’s Civil Services (Main) Examination, 2012, just got over. The results for this phase of the multi-tiered examination will be declared around March/April, 2013. Based on the marks scored in this examination, candidates will be shortlisted for the Personality Test, also known as interview, to be conducted around April/May, 2013. Based on their performance in the main examination and the interview, candidates will be recommended for All-India and Central government services.
The Constitution has tasked the UPSC with preserving the merit system in the country. The merit system, as opposed to the spoils system, may be defined as one in which recruitments are made on the basis of objective evaluation of skills and knowledge through open examinations. No one doubts the objectiveness of the Civil Services examination in which candidates go through a three-level test. Those who make it to the final list are annually feted as the best and brightest minds on whose hands will rest, for all practical purposes, the governance of India.
Required ‘merits’
The ‘merits’ that UPSC looks for in the candidates are mentioned in its Notification for the examination, where it is emphasised that no marks will be allotted for superficial knowledge, and that credit will be given for orderly, effective and exact expressions. The main examination intends to assess, according to the UPSC, “the overall intellectual traits and depth of understanding of the candidates rather than merely the range of their information and memory.”
Even a brief analysis of the huge number of questions asked, length of answers stipulated and the three-hour time limit raises doubts about whether it is possible to find a candidate’s “overall intellectual traits and depth of understanding” through this type of examination. In fact, it seems the examination system and the stated desired outcome are quite incompatible.
For instance, the General Studies papers are common for all candidates. This year’s GS Paper I contained 33 questions requiring answers ranging from 250 to 10 words. In other words, candidates are expected to write a total of around 3,000 words within three hours to answer 33 questions.
For popular optional subjects like Political Science or Sociology, there are around 20 questions (depending on the questions chosen) to be answered in three hours with a total word count of around 3,750.
How realistic is that?
     A normal student may struggle to put together 3,750 words, legibly written, on a pre-selected subject within three hours. It should be noted here that these 3,750 words are to be expended not on one question, but on 20 very different questions with no time given to think through them. It is unrealistic to expect candidates to show their true intellectual traits and depth of understanding in the answers they write in the short time given, on so many tricky questions. Not surprisingly, even those who got as low as 800 marks out of a total of 2000 at the Mains were called for interview in 2011.
Some samples
Let us sample some questions asked. In GS I, a 250-word question asks for a “critical examination of the issues involved in the context of the growing demands for the ban of Endosulfan in the country. What, in your view, should be done in the matter?” Another question asking for a 150-word answer is: “There is an urgent need for the Planning Commission to revise the chapter on health in the 12th Plan document. Comment.”
In Political Science II, here goes a question requiring a 150-word answer: “Do you agree that liberal international theories are essentially ‘Eurocentric’ and not necessarily imperialist?” Another question, for a 250-word answer, asks: “Is power a zero-sum or variable game in international relations? Can zero-sum game explain the mixture of conflict and cooperation of the present dynamics of international relations?”
As should be evident, these are not very easy questions. Good answers to these questions require nuance and complex arguments, which in turn require thinking and time, even for someone well-versed with the subject. Framed with more time at hand, the answers to these questions may indeed help analyse a candidate’s intellectual traits and depth of understanding. But the problem is that the three-hour time limit does not allow for thinking, or even for basic organisation of thought. In the Civil Services (Main) examination, time is such that if you start thinking, you are in trouble.
How do candidates cope?
    Given the severely limited time given, one often has no choice but to cram and mug up so that you have as much information as you can on your fingertips. You practise writing continuously for speed and flow. You make notes and diagrams, or buy material from coaching centres. As someone said, what matters here is not how much you know, but how much you can put in within those three hours. In the process, candidates go for the most commonplace arguments that they get ready-made from guidebooks or Wikipedia, with hardly any chance to exercise their analytical skills or critical thinking capacity. Weighted down by the clock, candidates usually write whatever comes to their mind. Some say that they gave opinions in their answers that on second thought, they would have reversed. That means the candidate’s answers often do not reflect his or her considered opinion.
Severely limited time
Hence, while the questions may be good, the circumstances, especially the severely limited time relative to the number of words required, do not allow for proper answers to be given. The answers, written in a hurry, often give a misleading and deceptive account of the candidate’s ‘intellectual traits’. Add to this the requirement of mastering not one but two subjects, as part of two optional papers. All this load of work makes a mockery of the Commission’s pious demands for ‘depth of understanding’ from candidates. It all boils down to hard work, perseverance, tenacity, consistency, good memory, and good coaching notes.
As in previous years, around 1,000 candidates will eventually make the cut in this year’s examination cycle, counted from the highest mark until the vacancies are filled. They will be put through a gruelling training regimen and inducted into service. Some will shine. Others will be just mediocre, jack of all trade-types, good for gruelling routine, file-shuffling work. As for the deep-going, analysing, intellectual types that the UPSC professes to want, they would be lost in the rush.

(T.K. Ngaihte completed his M.Phil in Political Science from Jawaharlal Nehru University in 2010. He wrote the Civil Services Examination (Main) thrice.
Source:- The Hindu

Regarding job Experience..Reply to Miss/Mr Anonymous

Miss/Mr Anonymous:- Hello sir...I have this doubt whether we are required to produce any experience letter/resignation acceptance or any form of work experience at the time of joining the academy? I had previously worked in pvt. sector. Thanks in advance.

Manmauji:-  Hello Miss/Mr Anonymous, thanks for your visit on the blog...Since, you are working in a private sector, you need not produce any thing at the time of joining just chill and enjoy....further query is welcome..keep on blogging...

Regarding IRS training...Reply to Miss/Mr Anonymous

Miss/Mr Anonymous:- thanks for the reply sir .
i have one more query . i am currently in a govt. job on ad hoc basis . can i continue in that job while i am on EOL or is it against service rules .
Also, suppose i get , say, ips next year, how soon after the results can i resign from irs ? 

 Manmauji:- Hello Miss/Mr Anonymous, thanks for your visit on the blog..As you have told that you are already in a government service therefore you have to resign from that service to join IRS..Regarding resignation, immediately after result you can resign but department will relieve you only when you will proceed to training as there has to be some continuity..You are not a part of IPS till you join that service so before that you will be considered as a part of IRS...anyway why to loose salary for the middle time...good luck...further query is welcome...keep on blogging.. 

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Regarding IRS[C&CE] training...Reply to Mr The new neighbour

Mr The New Neighbour:hello sir! I've been allotted IRS C&E cse 2011. I took exemption from FC. I have a doubt which is rather frivolous but i wonder if you can throw some light. Are the probationers allowed to keep beard during training? 

Manmauji:- Hello Mr The New Neighbour, thanks for your visit on the blog..Congratulations on your grand success in CSE-2011 and welcome to the elite IRS[C&CE] club...Regarding your query, of course you can keep beard if your face suits it..absolutely there is no bar on it..You need to have formal and official look during training with or without beard....further query is welcome...keep on blogging...

Monday, October 22, 2012

Should I take EOL in IRS[C&CE]...Reply to Miss/Mr Anonymous

Miss/Mr Anonymous:-  hello sir ... i have been selected in cse2011 and will be joining irs(c & ce) training from dec2012. however my mains didnt go that well this year and i was considering extraordinary leave... i wanted to ask u that if i do join training in december , will i get enough time to give next year's prelims and mains , if needed ? also is there any possibility of about a month leave around mains 2013 while being on training?

Manmauji:- Hello Miss/Mr Anonymous, thanks for your visit on the blog...Congratulations on your grand success in CSE-2011 and getting in to prized IRS[C&CE]...Regarding there is provision on EOL in NACEN so you must avail may not get long leave if you join training in Dec,2012...Probably, NACEN will ask for Bond and declarations that you will not appear again in CSE while on training...Regarding time, since training schedule is bit extensive and strict now a days therefore you may not get sufficient time to prepare well for CSE...Therefore, it is better to avail EOL...Who knows you may not require it at all as you may click in this attempt it self as UPSC is quite uncertain...good luck...further query is welcome...keep on blogging... 

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Should I quit IRS??...Reply to Miss/Mr Anonymous

Miss/Mr Anonymous:- Dear Manmujiji,
Its been 4 years since being an IRS Offr.. Have been promoted to DC Rank. Am 27+ yrs today.
I don't think had attempted CSE for this kind of work and this kind of a life. Although am busy through out the day, satisfied with pay, etc but an emptiness remains.
Would you advise quitting? Do Offrs quit within a few yrs of service?
Can have much better prospects abroad or within India and i think much better working environment.
Sole motivation of many of my batch mate friends seems to be ... you know what. Can not discuss these things freely with them.
If you follow your conscience and beliefs then the Superior considers you an obstacle, trade considers you as difficult and sub-ord staff inflexible and unaccommodating. I myself feel like helping out people by applying Law mildly, out of my nature and not for any other consideration. In short feel i am not cut out for an enforcement kind of a job especially in a cultural environment as prevails in the Dept and the Country generally.
OR Do you suggest i hammer it out for a few years until i rise to Joint / Additional, slightly away from the humdrum undercurrents which are a source of discomfort and dissatisfaction for me.
Feel lost. Pls advise sincerely if you can. 

 Manmauji:- Hello Miss/Mr Anonymous, thanks for your visit on the blog...You have raised a very important question which I feel many of  your batch mate must be having but don't have courage to confront the reality...You have rightly said that even after 4 years of service, one still feel emptiness, helplessness,struggling with very basic issues such as infrastructure,working environment,basic facilities etc..When CSE aspirants prepare for civil service, they have in mind the big bungalows,Ambassador with blue beacon light,servants,security guards/body guards and ample scope for contribution to the common life...These are the very basic imaginations one must be  having specially who belongs to Rural backgrounds though some must feel that these types of aspirants have  feudal mindset and does not have right to be in Civil Service as we are living in a democratic country where people are masters and We,the Civil Servants are servant of the people. True,We are not masters and We are actually servants but have some basic rights of facilities which all Group A officers must have.      I feel there are some basic issues. Beside IAS, there are huge infrastructure constraints in every service. IPS and IFS can still feel comfortable as compared to IAS...Though at the time of entry in  CSE, it is said that all services are equal. But, in reality, it is quite see, IAS and IPS of CSE-2007,2008 batches have became DM/SP with huge mandate of social intervention along with good infrastructure support while the equivalent batchy of IRS[C&CE] and IRS[IT] are still Asstt Commissioners with very specific mandate with very poor infrastructural support. This leads to the frustration and feeling that apart from IAS and IPS, both IRS are middle class services among all services being recruited through CSE as neither one can say that IRS is very bad service nor one can say that it is very good service after taking all factors in mind.    Therefore, the million dollar question arises "Should We quit the Job?"...Actually it is difficult to reply in black and white as the answer depends on numerous factors....It is told that "Work is worship" but how it can be Worship if you are not enjoying your job..One can grow in service only when he/she enjoys his/her job..Creativity and innovations comes only when one enjoys one's job...Thus, if you don't have any option other then IRS then try to develop interest in the service, search the deputation options,go for study leave,enhance your education by adding degrees..If you have better option outside then definitely one can think off but one must be very clear in mind that life at other hand is also not very easy. The people in other departments are also not very good or happy. Everywhere Seniors feel juniors as obstacles and subordinates feels otherwise. This dilemma is every where... In all government formations  some degree of frustrations exists. Actually, if one have urge for social service or desire for rural development [IF he belongs to services other than IAS] then one can go for deputation in ministry of Rural development or United Nations.But, I am not sure how much scope these deputation gives as all powerful positions in all ministries are held by IAS only.So, huge precautions are required to be taken.      Regarding hammering hard on the system, definitely one can do that but there is no need to wait for JC or ADC as at those positions also there are lot of constraints and pulls and pressures which may hamper your zeal to fight. Actually, in ministry of Finance, there is an atmosphere of mass suspicion. Seniors feel that juniors are corrupt as if they are the most honest fellows. In such a situation, if you work as per your conscience and take decision in the favour of trade then they may think that you have some hidden motto. Vigilance action may follow. If you don't follow your mind then you feel that you are useless soul which can't do anything positive for the people. This feeling exist at all levels in IRS.            One AC [Asstt Commissioner] was sharing a though to me that whenever he attends a meeting with his commissioner and chief commissioner, he feel so frustrated because at there level also they are still focussing on all those petty issues which AC is already handling of course at small level. He told me that he don't want to be commissioner or Chief Commissioner as they are only doing these rubbish things. No big thought..still doing adjudication,assessment,call book cases,Cenvat:PLA ratio etc may not be agreeing on this poor new AC's arguments but there is some truth in his statement. Now I will narrate one incidence which might help you....     Once, some of the IRS[C&CE] officers went to meet Mr Chidambaram and they complained about lack of infrastructure,promotion issues and other similar matters as compared to IAS...Mr Chidambaram told these officers that "who stopped you to become IAS officers" [one], second thing he told that look, you join this service by choice [which I feel is factually and only partially correct] as you fill your service order and prepared for an Exam...So you must be aware about pros and cons of the service and must adjust with the reality. He further told that he joined politics by his choice though he was earning more as an lawyer and more happy then as compared to now.    So, answer of your question lies in your mind..if you want to continue in the service, look the brighter part of the service and if you want to quit, look for the best option which may give you scope to do the things which you really wanted to do. There are several examples where people left the service after two to three years. All of them are happy[Probably]. Somebody told me that one guy with AIR 6th got IAS and left with in two years of service. In IRS also there are people who left the department and doing good. In IPS,I know one officer who left the job when he was SSP and joined private sector...roamed the whole world and now he is MP, ample examples are there...See, scope is there in all the services for betterment and depends on individual how he/she mould and utilise it...The ultimate question is  are you happy in whatever you are doing?..if not, think about the causes, correct/rectify them and move forward. There are people who were having passion for film making but doing engineering jobs..they left their jobs pursued their interest and now they are good film makers....So everything depends on you...quitting requires huge courage to face uncertainty in outside world..if successful, world will salute you, if failed, all will laugh at you..but the question remains important and the same, whether you should see and bother about the reactions of the people in general or you must focus on your inner happiness.. The Choice is yours....further query is welcome...Good Luck..keep on blogging...           

Monday, August 20, 2012

Tribute to Mr Daya Shanker,IRS[C&CE] officer who kicked Dowd Ibrahim

THE legendary Customs officer, Mr Daya Shankar, who inspiringly fully lived his inner life, yesterday morning at 7.40 AM in Melbourne, embraced the arms of his permanent resting-room, and said good-bye to the Mother Earth. He is survived by his wife, a young son, dozens of close friends and lakhs of well wishers who had never seen or known him except for his encyclopedic acts of grit, courage and integrity. Born in 1952 in a village near Patna, he did his masters in science and then joined the Indian Revenue Service (Customs & Excise) in 1978. Right from his probation days, he showed his shining armour of honesty, dedication and sheer courage for truth and rules. By the time he was posted at Bombay Airport, the gold smuggling was the most glittering cross-border trade at its youth. His dedication for work and ruthlessness to enforce rules soon produced unheard of results - cold shivers went through the spine of the kingpins of the organised trade. A series of mega seizures of gold and silver put a halt to the flourishing trade, which turned dry to the extent that the gold salesmen in Dubai began to market information like when Mr Daya Shankar was off the duty, along with their yellow wares.
Since the gold syndicates had found an alternative along the Gujarat and Konkan coastlines for safe landing of their consignments carried in dhows (small boats), the CBEC had no choice but to again rely on its one-many army Mr Daya Shankar to monitor the sensitive coastlines. Although his Department had poor infrastructure to support him, he never cared for that and used to lead his team of daredevils in a slow-moving dhow to intercept the gold-laden dhows coming from Dubai. Undeterred by the fact that the smugglers' dhows had the advantage of getting 'inputs' from Dubai through satellite mobile phones, he used to chase and trap them in the deep sea rather than the coastline where the consignments used to disappear in small lots. And, for several years, he did what he was good at - a series of seizures, which finally contained smuggling activities, and forced the rising star on smuggling horizon Dawood Ibrahim to salute his courage as reported by the then Illustrated Weekly.
With the Customs topbrass getting intelligence about a serious threat to his life, he was forcibly sent to Australia on a 'Study Leave'. There he lost his preventive existence into the original research work relating to IPRs. As he had a fulfilling stint with the world of R & D, he sought voluntary retirement from North Block and got associated with the Deakin University. His love for IPRs vis -a-vis Third World countries had become so deep-rooted that his analytical commentaries had become legendary. I met him in New Delhi when he had come to India for a lecture on his perhaps 'first wife' - the IPR. During my interaction he, in a short span of time, sensitised me about how badly India and other poor countries need to gear up to catch up with the lost time for safeguarding its own intellectural property wealth. Meanwhile, while granting him voluntary retirement last year, the former Finance Minister and now the President of India, Mr Pranab Mukherjee, had written in his file - ''He is an exceptional, good and honest officer''.
Though Mr Daya Shankar never told his friends what he actually believed in but, at the hindsight, it appears that he was more inspired by the karma yoga of Bhagavat Gita. He always practised SELFLESS ACTION, which was also the sole motivating force for Mahatma Gandhi who wrote: "The object of the Gita appears to me to be that of showing the most excellent way to attain self-realization" and this can be achieved by selfless action, "By desireless action; by renouncing fruits of action; by dedicating all activities to God, i.e., by surrendering oneself to Him body and soul."
And this is what Mr Daya Shankar seems to have done - he was such a simple and humble soul that no desire could have come closer to him; he renounced the fuits of his action, which his Department wanted to give him in the form of 'Reward' to the tune of several lakhs; the miracle of coming out unscathed after raiding smugglers and tax evaders was possible only because he had dedicated all his activities to God; and he has now finally surrendered himself to HIM (the almighty). Unlike others in the Government service who retire at the age of 60, he retired his life exactly at 60. TIOL salutes his legend and his dedication for public service coupled with moral values in life, which he has left behind for his colleagues and fellow officers in the Department to emulate him. May his soul rest in peace.
Source:- Mr Shailendra,Tax India Online

Friday, August 10, 2012

Regarding provisional allocation of service...Reply to Mr Kishor

Mr Kishor:- Hi boss.. i got IRS(C&CE).But it is mentioned that it is a provisional allocation and chances are there for upgradation.If i wont need any upgradation and like to continue the allotted it possible?
Mr Kishore:- Hi boss,say i got a service in provisional allocation and if i dont need any upgradation is it possible for me to retain the allotted service and rejecting the new service.
Thanks for any advice..  

Manmauji:- Hello Mr Kishor, thanks for your visit on the blog..Congratulations on your grand success in CSE-2011 and welcome to the real Royal Service of Government of India...Regarding your query, your service may be changed when all the candidates above will be finalised by DoPT. So, you don't have any option but to accept the Service given by DoPT as per your service preference indicated in CSE[Mains] form..However, you can give in writing to DoPT regarding your intention to stay in IRS[C&CE], if they can consider it, it will be good for you however chances are very nil for such consideration....all the best...further query is welcome...keep on blogging... 

Monday, August 6, 2012

Regarding Filling DAF...Reply to Miss/Mr Anonymous

Miss/Mr Anonymous:- Hi, I've cleared CSE 2012 prelims and got 300+ rank in CSE 2011. Can you please clear a doubt about filling DAF, what should I write in the column where it asks if you have accepted any allocated services?
As the services allocation has not been done yet.
Thanks in advance. 

 Manmauji:- Hello Miss/Mr Anonymous, thanks for your visit on the blog and congrats on your grand success in CSE-2011 and 2012[Pre]...Since you secured rank in CSE-2011, you are going to get the service allocated sooner or later. Therefore in any case you are going to join it but want to skip FC only as you have cleared CSE-2012[Pre]...therefore, you can fill yes in that column and see other column where there is option to skip FC...good luck...further query is welcome..keep on blogging..

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Regarding IAS Vs IPS post 6th Pay commission

Miss/Mr Anonymous:- Sir after sixth pay recommendations, IAS has a definite advantage wrt other services in promotions/career growth.
Does such difference exist between IPS and other group A services as well.
What is the difference wrt IPS vs IAS in this issue ?

Manmauji:- Hello Miss/Mr Anonymous, thanks for your visit on the blog...Regarding your query,you rightly said that after 6th pay commission recommendation, IAS has definite advantage as compared to other services including IPS in promotions/career growth. The promotions in IAS is faster relative to any other services hence pay packages also. Regarding growth, definitely IAS has always been ahead from other services including is said that IAS never retires from service. They have huge scope even after retirement in UPSC,Election Commission,CAG,TRAI,etc etc but other services do have options to grow..after some time, it is the individual potential which matters....further query is welcome..keep on blogging..

Regarding technical resignation...Reply to Miss/Mr Anonymous

Miss/Mr Anonymous:- Hello Sir,After service allocation from dopt, if we submit unconditional resignation (Not technical resignation) from our earlier service, then in this case, do we need some clearance or document from previous service???
Do I have to track it till resignation is accepted and procedure is finished. I heard that it takes time.
I am still in probation. So one month notice does not apply here.
So Can we simply join FC, after submitting resignation from earlier service???

Manmauiji:- Hello Miss/Mr Anonymous, thanks for your visit on the blog....Regarding your query,I am not very sure however as far as I know, your original file will move to your new cadre controlling ministry. So you have to give technical resignation since you are joining another government formation and not leaving government job altogether. You must consult to your seniors on this issue or take help of some experts...But I will suggest you to give technical resignation as your leave and other benefits will remain intact...good luck..further query is welcome...keep on blogging..

Regarding FC exemption and EOL...Reply to Miss/Mr Anonymous

Miss/Mr Anonymous:- Hello, I cleared CSE 2012 prelims and have 400+ rank in CSE 2011. I suppose I would get exemption from FC, but when it comes to the regular training, will I be able to avail EOL to prepare for CSE? If not, will I be able to stay with my family, because I have a young kid to take care of. Thanks for any input.

Manmauji:- Hello Miss/Mr Anonymous, thanks for your visit on the blog and congrats for your grand success in CSE-2011 and CSE-2012[Pre]....You rightly said that you will get exemption from FC as you have cleared CSE-2012 Pre...Regarding depends on the service you belongs to...If you get IRS[IT] or IRS[C&CE], you have the option to apply for other services you may not get this option..Still you can take leave in between for the preparation...Regarding your family members, you can stay with your family members during training but you need to take accommodation outside the some academies, family quarters are available where you can stay with your family members...further query is welcome..keep on Blogging..