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Saturday, October 19, 2013

Asaram Bapu.....Conspiracy or Reality??????

Hello all, I am sorry to not to update the blog for a long time due to my busy schedule....Today, I want to share some feelings on the very widely debated/viewed topic in Indian Media i.e. Asaram Ji Bapu....I am pained to see the visuals of Asaram ji going to Jail and undergoing trial for very heinous crime [Rape]...It is alleged in the media that he is a rapist,land grabber,tantric and Dhongi [Pakhandi]....On viewing the media coverage, I found that there are two types of reporting by various news channels...One set of channeles Aaj Tak,ABP news,Zee news,India Tv,India News,News24,etc are showing all possible negative side of the story and almost considered/believed/proved that Asaram Ji Bapu is rapist,land grabber and tantric and fake saint...while on the other hand, one set of media such as Sudarshan channel,News Nation,A 2 Z news,etc are showing positive aspects of this story....By seeing these two sets of media coverage,the simple human logic says that there is something wrong in this whole episode. One side of the story forced us to believe that Asaram is a fake saint and at the same time other side of the story forced us to believe that there is a grand conspiracy going on against Asaram Bapu.
     Recently one person Bholanand or Vinod Gupta appeared on India News Tv channel where he claimed that he saw all the wrong things in the Ashram of Asaram Ji. First of all, I think that he should be prosecuted because if his claims are correct then at the time of crime, he was sadhak and follower of the Asaram Bapu, then he was part of the crime and he should also be punished for co-operating in the execution of crime. Later on, India Tv and Sudarshan Tv came out with the report that Jammu police has been asked to enquire against Bholanand for trying to impalnt fake proofs inside Asaram Ji Ashram....This story was also widely covered by National print media. The clips are available at .....I am surprised to know that these things are not at all shown by other set of Tv channels such as India News,Aaj Tak,etc....
   Besides, some persons like Amrit Prazapati and Mahendra Chawala  also appeared on some Tv channels who claimed that they have seen all wrong doings in Asaram ji Ashram....Few facts about these two persons are also available on some news channels where it was claimed by the real brothers of Mahendra Chawala that Chawala is a liar and he is motivated by some un social elements...He is claiming that he is being threatened by Narayan Sai on phones but he never showed these tapes to his brothers...Amrit Prazapati was claimed by some tv channels that he is a fake doctor and was expelled by Ashram due to irrgularity in treatment...He planted his wife in Burqa against Asaram ji Bapu..later on he confessed it too.
    By these facts in mind, I feel disturbed that the developments are not covered by media with a balance. If somebody such as Amrit Prazapati claimed that he brought Narcotic substances for Asaram Bapu then he should be booked under NDPS act immediately for supplying illegal drugs to Asaram ji bapu....
I found that public at large believes widely on what ever is presented by Media. It is the responsibility of media to feel their national responsibility and present both side of the story. Media trail is a dangerous trend in our country where Accused person is being treated as criminal....What will happen when Court of this country give clean chit to Asaram Ji Bapu...Whether these channels will take responsibility for the loss of faith or damage to the image of Ashram....It is surprising that some of the so called national channels are showing animated graphics of inside of Asaram Ji's Kutiya where it is alleged that it has all five star features. They should atleast visit the Ashram and see the reality whether it has five star features or it is a simple Kutiya. Atleast this much fact finding is required and necessary by the National Media.
   Therefore I feel that it is the right time to have a code of conduct for the media to force them to mandatory show both sides. Currently,media is deliberatly calling so called Sadhak of Asaram Ji Bapu who knows little about Ashram..They are not in a position to defend or put correct defence against the allegation.This way they appeared to proof in haste that Asaram is rapist and criminal which may not be true and fair to him. He has done lot of good work and immense social work to uplift the life of common people. His good work must  also be recognised properly and due coverage should be given. If later on court founds him guilty then he should be punished but before the court decision,considering him criminal and treating him like a criminal is not justified and against the natural justice. I appeal to some of the negative thinking Tv Channels to show unbiased reports. Otherwise, people of this country will think about them very negatively.   


Anonymous said...

Very true. Prima facie though Asaram Bapuji may have committed any wrongdoing, it is his personal fault. The media is putting entire religion as villain. Also they are equating all sadhus as cheats, which is not true. Will the media take all the blame if one of his colleagues does the wrongdoing? As you said , there should be thorough investigation before coming to conclusion. You can't undo the harm to his image if he is proved innocent.

Anonymous said...

Good afternoon Sir,
Is it true that 5/6 IRS(CCE) officers who leave the service after 6/7 years, each year, to join consultancy in indirect tax get paid around 2 crores??
What is the scope in indirect tax consultancy in India say 10 years from now?

hari om tatsat said...

please read how media usd subtle defamation strategys against Asharamji Bapu