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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Regarding Custom Examiner...Reply to Miss/Mr Anonymous

Miss/Mr Anonymous:- Sir, i am selected as an examiner of customs. Sir can you please tell me about the promotional aspects and how many years do i need to become an irs and how far can i go(i.e. upto additional commissioner). Sir please reply to my question.

Manmauji:- Hello Miss/Mr Anonymous, thanks for your visit on the blog and congratulations on your selection in to Custom Examiner...Regarding your query, the process of promotion under CBEC [Central Board of Excise and Customs] for Group B officers is extremely slow. However, since you are selected directly as an Examiner, you can reach up to Additional Commissioner and sometimes up to Commissioner as well if you are selected at the age of 21.But, you will reach at these positions only in the last leg of your career. However, if CBEC carries cadre restructuring, then more positions will be created at the top and in that case you will have more chances to be promoted in IRS early but keeping the recent recruitment of bigger batches of direct IRS officers through UPSC's Civil Services Examination, the promotion for Group B officers will again affected badly. Still you can hope for the best and enjoy the examiner job at customs. further query is welcome....keep on blogging..

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Sir, thanks for your reply.