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Friday, November 30, 2012

Regarding IRS training...Reply to Miss/Mr Anonymous

Miss/Mr Anonymous:- thanks for the reply sir .
i have one more query . i am currently in a govt. job on ad hoc basis . can i continue in that job while i am on EOL or is it against service rules .
Also, suppose i get , say, ips next year, how soon after the results can i resign from irs ? 

 Manmauji:- Hello Miss/Mr Anonymous, thanks for your visit on the blog..As you have told that you are already in a government service therefore you have to resign from that service to join IRS..Regarding resignation, immediately after result you can resign but department will relieve you only when you will proceed to training as there has to be some continuity..You are not a part of IPS till you join that service so before that you will be considered as a part of IRS...anyway why to loose salary for the middle time...good luck...further query is welcome...keep on blogging.. 

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Anonymous said...

Hello Mr. Manmauji.

Can you enlighten the female Officers (like me, IRS already on EOL) regarding the provision of maternity leave and child care leave. I heard that NADT is 16 months and no leave is granted in between. So will they grant another full year EOL or few months leave during training will be permissible.

This will be a great help, since its a crucial area for lady officers, who enter service around 30.
Also kindly enlighten regarding Child care leave and the procedure for the same.